Randox Health partners with Roadchef Motorway Services to provide 20+...

Randox Health, the UK’s largest Covid-19 PCR testing provider, is today pleased to announce a partnership with Roadchef Motorway Services, to expand its Covid-19 test kit dropbox network by an additional 20 sites across the UK.


Bringing the diagnostics company’s list of dropbox locations to now more than 100, the expansion comes as the resumption of international travel has increased the demand for Randox’s Covid-19 pre departure, day 2, day 8 and day 5 (test to release) testing services.


New Randox dropboxes have been installed at Roadchef sites including Durham, Chester, Cumbria, Swansea, Somerset and Kent.


Randox Business Development Manager Damian Milligan said;


“As we continue to invest in our testing capacity, customer support services, and logistics, we are pleased to partner with Roadchef Motorway Services to expand our UK Dropbox locations, offering a reliable and efficient way of returning your Covid-19 testing kit to our laboratories for testing.


“As our own independently-run private courier service, the Randox Dropbox service allows us to track delivery of your sample right through from drop-off to arrival at the lab, providing prompt delivery and next day results, to help reassure our customers that they will receive their results in time and their travel will go to plan.”


Roadchef Commercial Director Tracy Baitup commented;


“We welcome the opportunity to work alongside Randox, as the UK’s largest Covid-19 PCR testing provider, by providing our Roadchef Motorway Service locations as dropbox sites, to make the return of Covid-19 testing kits as easy as possible for those wishing to travel.


“Randox has played a key role in the global fight against Covid-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic last year and we are proud to be able to support their endeavours to facilitate international travel when it is safe to do so.”


Randox, with almost 40 years of international diagnostics experience, and a Covid-19 testing capacity of over 500,000 tests per day, is the largest Covid-19 laboratory in Europe. Having processed over 13 million tests to date, the company has proven testing capability, well-established logistics and dedicated customer support services, making it strongly placed to support the return to international travel.


For further information on Covid testing services please contact the Randox Covid Customer Support team on 0800 2545 201 or complete our Contact Form.


For press enquiries please contact Amy Millar in the Randox PR team on amy.millar@randox.com  or 028 9442 2413