Randox launches COVID-19 Travel Centre in Enniskillen

Crumlin, UK: 25 November 2021

A COVID-19 Testing Service launches this week in a new Randox Health Travel Centre in Enniskillen, offering COVID tests from just £30.

The testing service from Randox, a laboratory partner in the UK’s National COVID-19 Testing Programme, offers rapid lateral flow (LFD) tests – with results in just 60 minutes – for those who are eligible to take an LFD for their Day 2 testing requirements.

The service in Enniskillen will also provide gold-standard PCR testing for those who need it for pre-departure screening, on-arrival testing on Day 2 and Day 8, or simply for peace of mind, with Express PCR tests returning results in as little as 3 hours.

Sophie Boyd, Project Manager for the Randox COVID-19 Testing Service, explained;      

 “In addition to our Travel Centres at Belfast International Airport, Belfast City Airport, Holywood and Crumlin, we are pleased to expand our testing service to Enniskillen, to serve the Fermanagh area with our accurate and cost-effective COVID-19 tests.

“Whilst travel guidance during the pandemic continues to evolve, testing will remain a key part of the response to COVID-19 – not only to identify outbreaks, isolate cases and prevent further spread, but also to assist with a return to social and economic normality.”

From 4am on 31st October 2021, changes to travel guidance for those arriving in Northern Ireland from countries not on the red list came into effect.

For vaccinated passengers, lateral flow (antigen) tests may now be used for post-arrival testing as an alternative to PCR testing, with a photograph of the completed lateral flow test required in order to verify the result.

Sophie continued;

“In support of changes to government travel guidance, our COVID-19 testing service has evolved to now include lateral flow testing in addition to our gold-standard PCR testing, and Randox is recognised as a provider of both services on the official government list.

“Randox is committed to providing competitive, effective and efficient testing to support holidaymakers and those undertaking international travel and the opening of the Randox Health Travel Centre in Enniskillen is another positive step towards the normalization of travel and other social activities.”

The Randox Health Travel Centre in Enniskillen is open to all asymptomatic individuals and is conveniently located on the Tempo Road.

Randox COVID Testing is also available at Randox Health Travel Centres at Belfast International Airport and Belfast City Airport, and in Randox Health Clinics in Holywood and Crumlin.

Visit booking.randox.com to book your appointment. Prices are included below

Service Price
PCR Next Day (Result before 11:59pm) £55
PCR Express (Results in 1-3 hours) COMING SOON £90
Antigen Rapid Test £30
Day 2 PCR £55
Day 8 PCR £55
Day 2 Antigen £35






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